Film Translators


### A big thank you to the following people for their help in translating the film:



– James Michael DuPont


– Mehdi Lamloum ([Personal Site](


– Gergana Tomova, Fulbright scholar, M.A. in Elections and Campaign Management ([Fordham University](


– Adrià Mercader ([Personal website](
– Ignasi Labastida i Juan

**Chinese (Simplified)**

– Chang Weitze (Whisky) ([Youth Synergy Taiwan Foundation](

**Chinese (Traditional)**

– HuiLin Huang ([Youth Synergy Taiwan Foundation](
– Yuwei Lin ( 林鈺維 ) University of Salford, UK, ([Personal website](
– Chang Weitze (Whisky) ([Youth Synergy Taiwan Foundation](
– Jessie Lin ([Youth Synergy Taiwan Foundation](


– Jindřich Mynarz


– Sander van der Waal ([OSS Watch](


– Antti Poikola, HILA Open Oy, ([Personal website](
– Antti Eskola


– Pierre Chrzanowski ([Science and Technology Departement, French Embassy in UK](
– Julien Baillergeau ([Parlorama](
– Edouard Meier ([Parlorama](
– Flavien Deltort ([Parlorama](
– Claire Gallon ([LiberTIC](


– Michael Sachs ([Danube University Krems, Department of Governance and Public Administration](
– Judith Schossboeck ([Danube University Krems, E-Government](
– Martin Teubner


– Thodoris Papadopoulos, Member of the Greek Government, ([Personal site](
– Nikolaos Konstantinou ([Athens Information Technology](
– Spiros Athanasiou


– Eyal Levin ([Public Knowledge Workshop](


– Csaba Madarász
– Petra Edina Reszkető ([Budapest Institute for Policy Analysis](


– Flavien Deltort ([Parlorama](
– Francesca Di Massimo
– Margherita Salvadori, Professor of Private International Law, Law School of Torino University


– Karolis Granickas, Transparency International Lithuanian Chapter


– Dimitar Poposki, Information manager, ([Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski”, Skopje]( &
PhD candidate, Department for Information Science, ([Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb](


– Olav Anders Øvrebø ([Department of Information Science and Media Studies, University of Bergen](


– Anna Kuliberda ([Transparency Camp Polska](

**Portuguese (Brazilian)**

– Everton Zanella Alvarenga, ([Wikimedia Brazil](
– Patrícia Cornils, ([A rede](
– Diego Rabatone Oliveira, Transparência Hacker ([Personal Site](
– Plus an anonymous translator: “sergiorosa”. Please let us know who you are (contact me at lucy.chambers [at] okfn [dot] org) so that we can give you appropriate thanks!


– Input by Maria Neicu, MA at University of Amsterdam.


– Ivan Begtin ([](
– Yulia Tammisto, Open Service Innovation Observatory, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.


– Sean Burt
– David Cabo ([Pro Bono Publico](
– Fabrizio Scrollini, PhD student, LSE Govt Department
– Plus an anonymous translator: “medeamaterial”. Please let us know who you are (contact me at lucy.chambers [at] okfn [dot] org) so that we can give you appropriate thanks!


– Peter Kranz ([](


– Alexander Melnik
– Oleg Limarchuk

Special thanks to Flavien Deltort and Parlorama, who provided 12 translations, including contributions for:
Bulgarian, Danish, Dutch, Estonia, Finnish, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian & Swedish.

We are working on uploading these translations – if you would like to help to speed up the process, please do let us know! (lucy [dot] chambers [at] okfn [dot] org)

**Your language here**

– Your name here – *[Volunteer to translate the film into your language](!*

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  8. Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered to translate so far. Since posting the film, we have had even more offers of translation and we hope to get these online as soon as possible! Stay tuned!

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