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Open Government Data Camp 2010 is now over! The event saw participants come from over 30 countries gather for two days of talks, discussions, planning and coding.

This is a page for material from the event. If you have any notes or photos that you’d like us to add, please send us a note on ogdcamp [at] okfn [dot] org, or ping us at @okfn on Twitter or Identica.

If you’d like to be kept in touch about Open Government Data Camp 2011, please send us an email to ogdcamp [at] okfn [dot] org with the ‘ogdcamp2011’ somewhere in the title.


Videos of talks and presentations


Videos of all talks and presentations are now available via our video pages, or via the OKF’s Vimeo account:

In addition you can download all raw video material, hosted at the Internet Archive:




Following is a copy of the print programme for the camp:





For pictures of the event, you can see:


Notes and coverage

For notes from the work sessions, you can find links to various pads and documents on the work sessions page:

Following are some blog posts, write-ups and other coverage about the event:

For a full archive of all the Tweets from the event, see:


We have a lovely collection of testimonials (from before and after the event) here:

A small selection:


I had a blast. Great meeting everyone and thank you to the organizers for a spectacular job. 

David Eaves, Advisor to the Mayor of Vancouver

Brilliantly organized and very much needed.

Roy Peled, Director at Movement for Freedom of Information in Israel

A most inspiring event, left with good advice, new friends and a feeling that things are going to get a lot easier.

Julian Tait, Open Data Manchester

The UK Open Government Data Camp is one of the most exciting events I have seen in years. The energy and interaction is great.

Joey Hutcherson, Deputy Director of Open Government, U.S. Department of Commerce

Thank you, organizers and everyone who was there! The camp was threeplusgood.

Emilis Dambauskas, ManoValstybė

Thank you!

A big thank you to everyone who came to the event! Especially to all who travelled from far and wide to get there. And especially to all who helped to stick things on walls, stack chairs, grab cables, scribble things down and show people around!

And finally we are very grateful to all our sponsors and supporters that helped to pitch in to buy lunch, hire equipment and buy tickets for people around the world who couldn’t otherwise come!

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