Open Government Data Camp: 2010

Open Government Data Camp 2010

## What is it?

Basic details are as follows:

* **What**: A two day workshop for people interested in open government data.
* **When**: 18-19th November 2010.
* **Programme**: [draft programme](programme/).
* **Where**: University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY (see [map](
* **How much**: Tickets cost £20 to help cover costs.
* **Register**: You can [sign up here](!
* **Hashtag**: [#ogdcamp](

Open Knowledge Foundation

The event is organised by the [Open Knowledge Foundation]( and supported by the following organisations:

## Tell me more…

Its been a big year for open government data. Around the world governments and public bodies have been opening up official datasets for the public to reuse. There has been an explosion of new applications, competitions, hackdays and other initiatives from local authorities, central government departments, international bodies and others. This event will bring together movers and shakers from the world of open government data — including government representatives, policymakers, lawyers, technologists, academics, advocates, citizens, journalists and reusers.

## What will happen?

There will be two days of discussions, drafting, planning and hacking. Crucially we hope to:

* **Build consensus** around key legal, technical and policy issues related to opening up government information.
* **Strengthen the community** of people working on different aspects of opening up official data around the world — from both inside and outside government. (Many people working on this area will not have met in person!)
* **Encourage the exchange of experiences, expertise and ideas** between those involved in leading open government data initiatives in different countries.
* **Make things!** We hope there will be plenty of space for developers to hack on things — from refining core bits and pieces of technology to rapid prototyping of new ideas.

## What will the format be?

Presentations will be kept to a minimum. Each day will begin with a sprinkling of short talks followed by plenty of time to talk, plan and work on things.

## Can I submit a presentation?

There are very limited slots for presentations. You can submit a proposal via the following link:


As presentation space is limited (we want to encourage discussion/interaction more than showcasing) we strongly recommend proposing a session, or demoing your project as part of the streetmarket. Full details are on the [programme page](

## Can I propose a session?

Yes please! Again, we’re going to brainstorm, plan and schedule sessions on the [open-government]( discussion list — so head there if you have any cunning ideas! The current session list can be found on the [programme page]( and will be finalised on the day.

## What kinds of topics will be covered?

Sessions will include things like:

* How can we encourage other countries to open up official information?
* Open government data in law and policy: obstacles and opportunities
* Promoting reuse: competitions, community engagement, the role of the media
* Finding open government data: catalogues, registries and metadata
* Raw Data Now! Technical aspects of opening up government data
* The role and value of linked data
* Open government data and data journalism

## What kinds of outputs will there be?

Projected outputs include things like:

* First draft of an international ‘open data manual’ (organised as a ‘Book Sprint’)
* A set of key open government data principles
* A timeline of key developments for open government data around the world
* A comprehensive list of official initiatives — including data catalogues and competitions
* A curated list of exemplary applications which reuse open government data
* — illustrating what we mean by ‘raw data’ aimed at those who publish official information
* An idea tracker to brainstorm about projects which would make it easier for citizens to find, analyse and visually represent the data they are looking for (with a focus on open source tools that would scale to multiple countries)
* Documentation on how to set up and run a data registry (based on open-source [CKAN]( technology used to power []( and over 15 registries around the world), including customisation, internationalisation and community-building events.
* Lots of video of interesting projects and initiatives!

## Who’s behind the event?

Open Government Data Camp was conceived and is being primarily organised by the [Open Knowledge Foundation]( Additionally, the event is also supported by:

* [Cabinet Office](, and [](, UK
* [Eduserv](, UK
* [FreeBMD](, UK
* [Guardian](, UK
* EU [LAPSI project](, Turin, Italy
* EU [LATC project](, Galway, Ireland
* EU [LOD2 project](, Leipzig, Germany
* [London Datastore](
* [Ministry of Government Administration, Reform and Church Affairs]( and [](, Norway
* [mySociety](, UK
* [Open Data Network](, Germany
* [Openly Local](, UK
* The [Open Rights Group](, UK
* The [Open Society Institute](, USA
* [Regione Piemonte](, Italy
* [Rewired State](, UK
* [ScraperWiki](, UK
* [Shuttleworth Foundation](, South Africa
* [Sunlight Foundation](, USA
* [Talis](, UK
* [TSO](, UK
* [W3C eGov](
* [Web Foundation](

## Who is coming?

The Camp will have a total capacity of around 200-300. You can find a list of participants at:


If you add your name to the list, please don’t forget to [register](! (And vice versa: if you’ve registered, please also add your name to the pad page above…)

## Can I sponsor the event?

Yes please! We are still actively seeking sponsorship for lunches, coffee, travel and accommodation for international participants and so on. If you think you might be interested, please contact **jonathan** dot **gray** at **okfn** dot **org**.

## What countries will be represented?

We are currently expecting representation from:

* Argentina
* Australia
* Austria
* Belgium
* Brazil
* Canada
* Chile
* Denmark
* Finland
* France
* Germany
* Greece
* Hungary
* Iceland
* India
* Ireland
* Italy
* Luxembourg
* Lithuania
* Netherlands
* New Zealand
* Norway
* Poland
* Romania
* Russia
* Slovakia
* Spain
* Sweden
* Taiwan
* Ukraine
* United Kingdom
* United States

## Why do I have to pay?

The ticket price is to help cover costs and to make sure that people only register if they are definitely coming. If the ticket price is a problem, [don’t hesitate to let us know]( We definitely won’t turn anyone away because they can’t afford to come!

## Where can I stay?

We are not currently arranging accommodation for participants. However, to get (or to give!) information about hotels and hostels for a range of budgets, go to:


## Can I follow the event remotely?

You will be able to follow on Twitter and via live notes/discussions on the [OKF Etherpad site]( There are currently no plans to stream the event.

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